Funding & Data Sharing

Restricted Access. We are committed to the principles of data sharing as outlined by the NIH Office of Technology Transfer "Sharing" however is not equivalent to "free distribution." Our datasets were collected and refined and our first major publication is under review. In order to gain access to our data prior to general release, we ask that you contact us directly. In addition, we anticipate and expect reciprocal contributions from you in the form of one or more of the following: acknowledgement of data sources and use of the CbGRiTS Database, communication with and possible collaboration with our colleagues who have provided data, and suggestions for improvement.

Grantee Conditions. Datasets generated primary or exclusively using NIH funds covered under the Data Sharing Policy will be made available as open resources to academic and non-profit organizations for their own research purposes in a timely manner. "Timely" generally means no later than the acceptance date for publication of the main findings derived from the relevant data set.