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Carey Phillips
Carey Phillips, PhD
Professor of Biology, Bowdoin College

Phone:  (207) 725-3573
Email:  cphillip@bowdoin.edu

Additional Contact:
Bowdoin College
Department of Biology
6500 College Station
Brunswick, MA 04011

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My Work:

I have worked extensively with NASA and studied how birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles use gravity to orient their nervous systems. This included the effects of gravity on organizing patterns of amphibians and the development of Medaka in microgravity. I have worked on six new experimental laboratories that will be placed on the US space station Alpha. I worked with NASA to negotiate space experiments and collaborations between the US and France and Russia. Currently, I am working on animation CD's for developmental biology which take students through the inside of cells and organs. Animation enables us to set up exploratory interactions, allowing students to take a nonlinear approach to course material, and the technology encourages us to make it fun, exciting, and efficient. 


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